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About us
A little bit of background on our fabulous company.

Our Success

Starwest Tech has taken the EMS profession to a new level through its highly agile, scalable and cost effective EMS data collection tools by making them easily adaptable to most public and private EMS and Fire-rescue organizations.

Our Mission

Starwest Tech’s mission is to provide our customers with the most secure, integrated, functional and field-relevant software on the market. Utilizing our expertise and commitment to anticipating our customers’ needs, we are able to stay at the forefront in providing data input and management software applications.

Our Product

Starwest Tech has created two state-of-the-art tools called RescuePCR and Zoi. These tools are two of the most robust and efficient tools available in the EMS market.
The Zoi Hot Shot Team

Marc Chambers

Chief of Information Technology

Katie Corbin

Project Coordinator

Gary Ramsey

Chief of EMS Integrations and Daily Standard Operations

Doug Avery


Jennifer Carlson

Product Integration
Put the power in your hands

Our Starwest partner delivers...

The number one thing we needed and did not have was a good electronic ePCR system and digital information communicator for our Fire Department and for our Community Paramedicine Project. Our partner in this endeavorr is Starwest and their superb Tech staff and agile Zoi ePCR solution which gives us the ability to capture, exchange and transfer the required data that the CDC needs.
~ Harry Beck, Fire Chief - Mesa Fire and Medical
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